CliniPost Process for Healthcare Professionals

candidateCliniPost is partnering with the best facilities in the country which are consistently top ranked. Most of our clients not only deliver leading-edge patient care, but they also are doing research and education.

  • Candidates are treated with the utmost respect and professionalism.
  • We listen intently to your needs and speak with you about your career objectives and what matters the most to you personally as well.
  • It is our goal to help determine which organizations are best match for your education, experience, career goals, and a cultural match.
  • Confidentiality is maintained, and our ethics are uncompromising.
  • Fees are paid by employers.

The Process

    • Candidates submit a resume via our website or directly to a team member.
    • We speak with you about specific job opportunities that are a fit for your education, experience and goals. Our goal is for a cultural match as well as a match for requirements and career path.
    • Once we have an employer that has expressed interest in speaking with you, we prepare you to answer the tough questions. This is a brief overview of what we discuss with you to prepare you for an interview.
      • How would you describe yourself –  we discuss your goals and traits that fit the objectives of a prospective employer and how you can prepare to provide an answer showing these.
      • Why do you want to work for this employer – we guide your research on the employer and provide additional information on their type of work, support, and other things they offer so you have knowledge on the aspects of the organization.
      • We assist in preparing you to speak about your work ethic, past projects, and clinical or technical abilities.
      • What is your motivation for a change – we assist in comparing your present job to this new job so that the advantages of this career move are apparent to you.
    • Candidates are provided with Frequently Asked Questions.
    • Resume analysis and tips are provided.
    • We show you how to sell yourself.
    • We discuss the method and importance of closing the interview.
    • We are there to take control of negotiating on your behalf for your desired income. We have insight on a value that is fair to the employer and works favorably for an upward move in your career.
    • We provide additional assistance with:
      • Resignation process; the discussion with your present employer.
      • Acceptance, resignation, follow-up and thank you letters.