CliniPost Process for Healthcare Clients

We are a business partner that has been helping employers fill any of their critical needs.

Our experience and expertise can assist you with all of your Permanent Medical Staffing needs in many healthcare specialties.

  • CliniPost is distinguished as a client-centered organization that routinely presents the most appropriate and highly qualified healthcare professionals for our clients’ vacant jobs.
  • Being committed to Healthcare has allowed us to acquire market mastery.
  • We work days, evenings, and weekends so you are always able to easily correspond with us.
  • We are passionate and work with a sense of urgency.

Types of Agreements

Our searches are custom fitted, and we design an agreement to fit the individual needs of each client.  With any of our agreements our goal is to provide candidates to our clients that exceed their expectations.

  • Contingent Agreements – A low risk approach for employers, and a recruiting process we move swiftly with. This is the agreement that most of our clients use, and is an agreement which we have proven success with.  Our contingency fee agreement enables our clients to speak with an unlimited number of candidates at no obligation.  Payment of fees is contingent upon completion of a successful hire.
  • Retained Agreements – This is the agreement for the most difficult searches and is at times used for more specialized or managerial positions.  It allows us to reach out to a high number of potential candidates in a short amount of time. During a retained search we openly convey your message to a large number of potential candidates all at once. Partial payments are made throughout the process and the final payment is made upon completion of a successful hire.


We always include a guarantee

Our contracts guarantee that the newly hired employee will remain with the company for a set period of time.

Process for Employers

  • Needs Assessment – The process begins with understanding our clients’ needs, their culture, history, and business objectives.  We obtain complete knowledge about what it takes for a healthcare professional to be successful within your organization and will work closely with you and your HR department, sharing control and collaborating to evaluate candidates. We achieve an understanding of your hiring process so that you get the right person for the job as soon as possible.  We won’t bog you down with bickering over process; we are the very best at achieving an extremely harmonious hiring process.
  • Custom-Fit Agreement – A custom fit agreement is agreed upon, and expectations  are established.
  • Job Description – We gain a comprehensive and detailed job description, in addition to a verbal snapshot of our clients’ selling points.  Everything from the necessary skill set desired to what an ideal candidate looks like, and what the day-to-day job will include.
  • Identification – Potential candidates are recruited through our exclusive database, network, user groups, referrals, professional organizations, and employment sites. We also directly source “non-active” prospects. Our commitment is for thorough market penetration, and we will continue to recruit to our clients’ approval.
  • Evaluation – Candidates are qualified with detailed screening for desired skills, education, experience, and cultural alignment with our clients. We also assess the soft skills, discuss their interests, motivation for change, culture they thrive in, accomplishments, and career objectives.
  • Presentation – The top qualified candidates are presented to our clients with a detailed summary and resume of each.
  • Reference Checks – Careful attention is given to conduct reference checks with appropriate past supervisors and colleagues.
  • Interviews – We coordinate arrangements of Telephone/Face-to-Face Interviews.
  • Further Candidate Contact – Throughout the process we maintain candidate contact and continue to evaluate the candidate. We keep our candidates updated and active during the timeline of each client hiring process.
  • Negotiation – We partner with your team, providing feedback and supporting our clients’ decision. We work so that negotiations go smoothly and are a helpful intermediary in the most sensitive and detailed process of hiring negotiations.
  • Transition and Retention – We follow up with post acceptance and resignation to ensure the candidate’s successful transition and integration process to our clients’ team.